After many years providing hosting services, we have to say goodbye 😢

Unfortunately we are no longer able to continue providing hosting, domain names and related services.

Existing customers websites will remain online until their renewal dates. But please be advised that you will need to move your domains, websites and mailboxes away from our platform "before" said renewal dates.

The Hosting Control Panel and Domain Manager can still be accessed at:

We are unable to provide new accounts.

For support, and assistance migrating your sites away, please email us at [email protected].

Many apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for trusting us all these years.



How do I "migrate" my site to a different provider with minimum disruption?

We are a Heart Internet reseller, so you can create an account with them and request the ownership transfer from their end. This means that your website and mailboxes can remain on the same server and you would now manage your hosting directly with Heart Internet. This is the simplest migration strategy and can be achieved without down-time.

  1. Create account with Heart Internet.
  2. Request package/domain to be transferred into your Heart Internet account via their support system .
  3. We will then be contacted by Heart Internet in order to approve the transfer.
  4. Your hosting package will now appear in your Heart Internet account.
  5. If your domain name is registered with us, you will also need to contact us in order to complete the domain transfer (see questions below).
  6. You are done!

Alternatively, if you do not want to migrate to Heart Internet, you can choose to migrate to any 3rd party provider. To do so you can follow these steps:

  1. Backup your sites and mailboxes.
  2. Create account (place order) with new provider.
  3. Restore backup on new provider's servers.
  4. Configure DNS records with new provider.
  5. Request domain transfer.
  6. Change name servers to new provider.

How do I transfer my domain away from ENOISE?

How do I backup and move my site away from ENOISE?

  1. Log in to the Hosting Control Panel.
  2. Backup your files. . You can do this using the tools provided in the Backup / Restore page in the hosting control panel.
  3. Backup your databases. To do this navigate to the MySQL Databases page in the hosting control panel. In this page you will se a list of your databases along with a button labelled Backup next to each database.

How do I backup and move my mailboxes away from ENOISE?

Unfortunately, migrating mailboxes is not a straight forward procedure.

  1. Connect mailboxes to local mail client.
  2. Download messages using IMAP or POP3. Make sure you are actually downloading the messages and not just displaying them from the server.
  3. Set up connection to new mailbox in mail client.
  4. Drag and drop messages from old mailbox to the new one.

You can find more detailed info about IMAP and POP3 in the official Heart Internet support database .